Camp Auction is live now through February 19! Click here to bid.


Why should the elementary schools have all the fun?

This year, Spring Fling will be celebrated
by ALL SIX Piedmont Schools!


We get it. This has been a tough year. And we miss seeing everyone's happy faces and the community-building events that are integral to school life. So, this year, we are expanding the fun of Spring Fling to all Piedmont school families.


Like pieces of a puzzle, our schools fit together to provide our students with a comprehensive K-12 education. It is the same with our families. Working together, we make Piedmont, and our schools, better.


To help us celebrate our community, we are planning a season of fun, interactive (and socially distant) events benefiting our schools. There will be something for everyone -- from our new TK'ers to our graduating Senior families. Let's bring the fun back to Piedmont!


Events kick-off with our Camp Auction on Monday, February 8th. 


Stay tuned as we share more events and celebrations!