From the California wildfires to rising sea levels and droughts, the climate crisis will define our future. Our generation does not have the option to ignore or deny climate change. Rather, we must open our eyes to the destruction we are causing and implement solutions before it is too late.


The Students for Solar campaign is a Piedmont youth-led movement advocating for a Net Zero energy STEAM building. Our goal is to raise funds to install solar panels on the roof of the building. 


Be a part of this project, take a stance, and lead the fight against climate change. The Piedmont community has the ability to be a leader in reducing our Carbon emissions and transitioning to sustainable facilities. 


Donate now to help us raise $400,000 to pay for solar panels and achieve this goal.


Click this link to visit our website and learn more about the campaign!


“We already have all the facts and solutions.
All we have to do is wake up and change.”
- Greta Thunberg