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Thank you for your support of our Fund-a-need. Fund raised this year will be used to improve and maintain a warm, inspiring, and engaging learning environment for all our elementary students. The tri-school principals have provided three specific areas where Spring Fling funds will have the greatest impact.

1. Developing a Positive Playground Culture: Creating a space for play, teamwork, and creativity where all students feel a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to contribute in the playground and the classroom.

2. Improving Instructional Technology: Upgrading and expanding technology resources within the school, including computers, software, and other educational tools, to ensure that students have access to essential 21st-century skills.

3. Supporting the Phonics Curriculum: Enhancing the phonics curriculum by using decodable books and other resources to strengthen literacy skills among students, laying a solid foundation for their academic success and enjoyment of lifelong learning.